Seasonal Selections has evolved from things we are most passionate about during each particular season.

From Spring planting, Summer produce, Fall pumpkins and gourds to winter deer processing we have created unique services with attention to detail.

Located in Waynesville, Ohio we began making our salsa product in 1998. For many years the mild was made and given as gifts to friends and family. When I met my fiancé he liked salsa with a little more kick to it and created the medium and hot. These were also given as gifts. Each year as friends and family were sharing these gifts with their friends and family we began getting more and more inquiries about where the products could be purchased. From that it has taken two years for us to go from our kitchen to a shelf ready product that we believe captures our vision of what a gourmet salsa should be.

We appreciate the opportunity to have you try our salsa and believe you will be impressed with the unique flavor.